Unique Kamchatka. Land of bears and volcanoes


ROUTE: Petropavlovsk – Luxury hotel - Valley of Geysers – Uzon Caldera – Acid Crater Lake - Kuril Island - Kuril Lake – Brown Bears – Hot springs – Pacific Ocean coast – Avachinsky Volcano – Avacha Bay – Petropavlovsk
DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights
SEASON: July - September 2017


Arrival day. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer from airport to hotel. Overview the biggest volcano. Check and photo session beside the famous monument “Here Russia begins”. Transfer to the lodge. Relax in hot springs. Nice dinner. Overnight in luxury park-hotel “North Adventures”*
* This lodge is unique and the only one in Kamchatka. Built by famous Russian oligarch with a very good taste and great hospitality. High standards service, relaxed modern style, private comfortable cottages and apartments, equipped with all possible conveniences, great cuisine with fresh local seafood and meet. The best place to enjoy your amazing time in Kamchatka.
DAY 02. Valley of the Geysers
Fantastic helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers. View erupting Karimsky volcano, fly around Maly Semyachik volcano with acid Crater Lake. Excursion to the Valley of the Geysers. Exploring 18 big and small geysers, boiling mud cauldrons. Observe erupting geysers. Lunch in the lodge in a Velley of Geysers. Fly back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Relax in hot-springs swimming pool with a glass of cold champagne and local fresh caviar. Nice dinner in the lodge.
DAY 03. Kuril Islands and Kuril Lake
Fly by helicopter to Kurilskoye Lake. Fantastic place where you will see brown bears in their real life. Observing view of volcanoes – Viluchinsky, Mutnovsky, Gorely, Opala, Asacha, and Khodutka. Special excursion by individual motor boat on Kurilskoe Lake. Observe salmon spawning grounds. View of Kambalny (2161m), Zheltovsky (1957m), Ilinsky (1577m) volcanoes.
DAY 04. Pacific Ocean
Beautiful excursion by comfortable 4x4 to the coast of Pacific Ocean. See black sand, Khalaktirsky cliffs, sea birds. Nice BBQ on the ocean cost.

DAY 05. Avachinsky Volcano
Transfer by 4WD Land Cruisers to the foot of the active Avachinsky Volcano. Route to the top of Verblude (Camel) Mountain (1,214 m) and Avachinsky Pass. Nice lunch in the mountains. Drive back to Petropavlovsk. Relax in sauna and hot spring swimming pool with cold local beer and salmon. Dinner and night in park-hotel “North Adventures”
DAY 06. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
City-tour around Petropavlovsk: excursion around the city, monuments, visit the local Museum of Nature and Ethnography. Lunch in a very good Italian the restaurant where all dishes will be done with a local fish and crabs. Very delicious! Shopping, souvenirs and visit to a local market to by salmon, caviar and fresh frozen crabs which you can take with you back home. Special dinner and night in park-hotel “North Adventures”.
DAY 07. Avacha Bay
Marine excursion by motorboat in Avacha Bay to “Three brothers” rock formation, fishing for sea perch, mackerel, halibut, and shellfish. Observe seabird colonies with tufted puffins, cormorants, pigeon guillemots, and seagulls. View Viluchinsky, Avachinsky, and Koryaksky volcanoes and the Pacific coast. Lecture of professional ornithologist about birds inhabiting Pacific. Lunch with a fresh sea food which was just taken out from the ocean. Possible diving for certificated divers. Amazing BBQ with a life concert by local ethnic group.
DAY 08. Departure
Comfortable transfer to the airport, easy pass via VIP hall and flight back…