Aspera Explorations

We understand that you have worked hard for this vacation time, and you want the most adventure with the least hassle possible. From trekking permits to police checkpoints, we’ll handle the bureaucracy – you focus on the fun. 

Comfort: Even in the most remote locations, we provide the service and amenities to keep you charged throughout your adventure. 

Safety: While you immerse yourself in exploration, our experienced staff will be inspecting the gear, noting your health, checking current conditions and doing everything possible to ensure your safety at every moment of the adventure. 

As “off the beaten path” travel becomes more popular, we are committed to bringing new destinations and itineraries in order to preserve quality experiences for our guests, as well as the environments and communities we visit. 

With all this in mind, we have designed a range of truly unique experiences for both first-time and full-time explorers.